Word of the Day

RHAPSODIZE (verb) to speak or write about someone or something with great enthusiasm and delight. (Google Definitions) EXAMPLE: he began to rhapsodize about Gaby’s beauty and charm

Word of the Day

SALUBRIOUS (adjective) favorable to or promoting health or well-being. (Merriam-Webster) Example: My mother made a fruit salad; i enjoyed the salubrious dish.      

Open Mic @ El Fresco

Every 3rd Saturday, PATH and family gather for OPEN MIC@EL FRESCO! This Saturday, we are celebrating Sekajipo’s Birthday!!!!!! Proceeds from the night will benefit the Miami Bridge Shelter for Youth. UNICEF will come out to share info about Ebola.  

PATH launches annual Indiegogo fundraising campaign

In 2012, PATH launched its first crowd funding campaign via Indiegogo. Year 1 = 37% of goal raised…….it was a learning experience Year 2= 104% of goal raised…….we were humbled by the overwhelming support of our community Year 3= “?” ……the campaign launched today and we received a $100 donation … Read more…

Making moves into youth treatment facilities

PATH recently introduced Hip Hop/recreational group therapy at The Teen Treatment Center in Palm Beach County, catering to adolescent youth “struggling with mental health conditions, substance use disorders or behavioral disorders.” PATH offers two Hip Hop element sessions including: EMCEE: Expressing Myself & Communicating Emotions Effectively Making Moves: Hip Hop … Read more…